Step 1

Get the detailed syllabus, assess your current knowledge status, and start tracking your progress.

If you have to travel to an important destination, you will plan your journey meticulously. You will want to know exactly where you are currently and exactly where you need to get to, and then plan the route. You will build contingencies, for example, you will allow extra time in case there is traffic.

The same rigour needs to be applied to MRCOG exam preparation. Our ultra-comprehensive syllabus checklist is your definitive roadmap to success. Download it free, and complete the checklist accurately to see where you are currently in your revision journey, and where you need to get to.

Step 2

Schedule your revision and target your weak subjects

Now that you know where you are in your revision journey, it is time to address the weak spots. Identify all the items you gave a ‘red’ in your syllabus checklist. This is your ‘hit list’! Write all these items on a sheet of paper and carry it around in your wallet. You are going to go through this list, and take out each item, one by one, like an assassin! Schedule how many items you need to work through each day to arrive at your destination (exam day) comfortably. Once you have finished off the ‘reds’, turn your focus on the ‘ambers’. Make sure you schedule some time to go through the ‘greens’ too.

Step 3

Go to the MRCOG Course

A course is a great way to learn a huge amount in a short time. The tutors will make sure what you are learning is relevant and of necessary breadth and depth. You will have the opportunity to practice a large number of exam-based questions, and take mock exams that would closely emulate the real exam.
Book MRCOG part 1 course Book MRCOG part 2 course

Step 4

Practice, Practice, Practice

Try hundreds, no, thousands of questions! Take a mock test ideally every week, if not, at least fortnightly. Mock tests are important for assessing your progress accurately and giving you confidence. Online courses are a great way to access enormous number of questions. When you attempt mock papers, emulate exam conditions, particularly with regards to timing. Mark your paper and analyse your performance to identify weak areas that you can target for your revision.

Try an MRCOG part 1 mock test on ACE Online Try an MRCOG Part 2 mock test on ACE Online

Step 5

Eat well, Exercise, Relax and Rest

MRCOG revision is a long-haul endeavour. It is not a sprint; it is a marathon. Your diet and physical health will have a direct effect on your cognitive abilities. Don’t chance it. Eat healthy – lots of fruits and vegetables, nuts and lentils, and some lean meat and fish. Cut down on processed meat, fats, sugar and alcohol. Regular exercise, incorporating some key stretches (particularly of the neck and shoulders), is a must. Finally, you need to have regular stress management strategy, for example, yoga, listening to music, spending time with friend and family or watching comedy.