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How to revise for your MRCOG exam


There is an 8-step approach to success with your MRCOG revision and exam. These steps were developed from nearly 20 years of teaching MRCOG students and from interactions with over 1200 MRCOG candidates. So, here it is! Step 1 The Right Mind Set The first step is for you to have the right mind-set as you approach the revision and the exam. Learning new stuff, particularly when this is helpful professionally, is fun! So, embrace your revision and exam! If you love and enjoy the process, it has the practical [...]

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5 exemplary steps to MRCOG exam success!


Step 1 Get the detailed syllabus, assess your current knowledge status, and start tracking your progress. If you have to travel to an important destination, you will plan your journey meticulously. You will want to know exactly where you are currently and exactly where you need to get to, and then plan the route. You will build contingencies, for example, you will allow extra time in case there is traffic. The same rigour needs to be applied to MRCOG exam preparation. Our ultra-comprehensive syllabus checklist is your definitive roadmap to success. Download it [...]

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